Mary is  crocheting - public-sites activity. 
Over the years my aesthetic and artistic point of view has developed from  egocentrism  to  my interest in others, real communication with the viewer /audience or 'co-worker'. 
The main theme of the project is our acceptance of fate, agreement to life, resignation of rebellion/struggling against adversities of life. 
The crocheting/handicrafts in my work mostly  refers to  woman's role in our society and stereotypes  ascribed to womenhood.

 Mary is  crocheting - the performance accompaning  the  instalation of 10 garden dwarves, wearing crocheted slippers with pom-poms, as the sweet reminder of my childhood times. They 'came' from Nowa Sól - famous/well-known Polish dwarf-production-area and were presented for the first time in my anti-fables show in Wozownia Gallery, Toruń, 2005.   
The current project  expands this '10 brothers story' into the world shaped by traditional forms of handiwork. The idea is to give each of them a leading motive/ main characteristic based on unpredictable  daily happenings. Progressively I will be producing diaries for them, memorizing all important moments from their life.   

At the moment I'm finishing a new helmet-cap for one of the dwarves.  He 's had a small crash, had been knocked over by an accidental passer-by during my show. After that catastrophe, called the Little Weakling (Słabeuszek), he's getting a protective helmet, knee-pads and elbow-pads to secure him from another gallery-visitor.   

The last show was presented at Freies Museum Berlin in Dec. 2011. Luckyly after many years of searching ... Papa-dwarf has been found. Yoopee!


  1. I am an artist interested in helping by making felted mushrooms for your project. I have sent an email to the address on the Slavic Folklore Page but wanted to be sure you received my message.You can contact me on facebook if you like:

  2. Thanks Diana :-) That's what I did right now :-)