Saturday, 29 October 2011

Pavel Schmidt in the Museum Goch, Germany

Still searching for the name of the artist....have seen his performance in 2006...blowing some dwarves up in the back garden of the Goch Museum... and glueing them back together into new beings :-)

Here he is ... Pavel Schmidt from Switzerland.
Pavel Schmidt was born in 1956 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. He started out studying chemistry at the University of Bern before training in Fine Arts in Munich, where he worked with Daniel Spoerri. From this encounter, he retained a sharpened sense of life’s drama and of his own experience as a work of art. He has shown extensively in Europe, the US, and Korea, and has produced many books as painter, illustrator and installation artist. He has organized actions in extraordinarily diverse sites, using explosives, fireworks, and smoke-bombs, destroying and rebuilding to music cultural archetypes like gods and goddesses, garden dwarves and hoses. He enjoys breaking and blowing up everything in order to apply his bandages and crutches, thereby reconstructing his own world, as a destructive and reparative nurse-artist.

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